Day #8: Work

25th of Aug:

My current job is making web animated banners. I have built AVIS, BUDGET, NSW transport campaign banners for months. Most of the banners are built and implemented into Sizemek or DoubleClick studio. I am a huge fan of GASP. In my opinion, GSAP is the best library to animate assets within JS codes. Some may tell me to try pixi.js and create.js. I heavily choose libraries based on how the community responds well to different matters and issues. So far GSAP wins. I plan to upload my animation works on my personal sites. The volume of works is massive since I have made animations for 5months. I am just not sure which ways are best to go. I don’t want to expose my codes(Indeed, I am not sure I am allowed to) via code pen. I may need to look for a way to generate gif files out of from web animation. Any thoughts?

Day 9: React CRM app practice1

26th of Aug:

I wondered how Redux works on React Native App. I never built React App before so I started to play lynda.com’s tutorial called “React Course Material Writing 3” by Emmanuel Henri. I have followed his tutorial and It was a good tutorial to follow what is CRUD & Redux pattern is about.

Day #10: React CRM app practice 2

27th of Aug:

It is same day to proceed. One thing I got is to inject firebase into React correctly. I had so many troubles to implement firebase before. A lot of old React tutorial explains old firebase way and that timing is way too far before firebase merged into google. I’ve got a problem to render my code at the moment. The problem I assume is from the timing when I tried to install React Native Redux Debugger. The course’ guide didn’t work so I tried to implement the modules by myself. It seems it doesn’t render anymore. I went back to my previous working repository and the result was same. I may ask Manny about it later. It is such a good instructor.

Day #11: TDD practice 1

28th of Aug:

I have the struggle to solve about the Promise. I want to learn ES6 deeper because React is now highly relying on this syntax. If you want to try here is the website. http://es6katas.org/

If you want to help me to solve es6 promise katas on creation, you are welcomed to pull request. I am stuck at the moment…


Day 12: Work (Animated banner)

29th of Aug: Same as usual. All of sudden, the production work flow swamped me over. I have to build new AVIS campaign banners again. I have used GSAP to build the animations on the canvas. Without GSAP, I couldn’t achieve any tricky animations. Thinking of coding all movement with vanilla javascript. Ew. At some point, I will update my previous works. It is quite fun to make something really creative works with codings. The only problem is there are not many jobs like this unless you are an expert on something up-to-date framework. It used to be Angular and it is now React. Such a framework war saga.

Day 13: Work (Animated banner)

30th of Aug: Sames as usual. This part will be updated at some point. For instance, attaching gif file of my web animation. I have built AVIS banners for the quarter 4.

Day 14: Work (Animated banner) & Writing React state example codes

31th of Aug: Sames as usual for works. Although I have written something about state. I am currently writing NodeGirlsSydney React workshop “Intro to React”. The concept of props and state was quite confusing to me when I first faced to React – I still do. I wrote some basic components to explain “state” and here is my codepen for it.

This article gave me heaps of ideas to write my workshop. I recommend you to read it.





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