Quick View: AMPScript and Marketing Cloud

(This post is a draft. The content will keep being updated)

It was very long time ago to use Salesforce cloud service. At that time the exact code was a tool only a few agencies chose. Now they changed their name from exact code to Marketing cloud.

I, unfortunately, missed the chance to register developer edition.Which is the shame? If the developer needs to study to work on the automate task projects such as matching landing pages and EDM, how a developer or producer practice before they mess up with clients receiving all unrefined craps :/ Luckily, I still have force.com for practicing subscription detects.

While I developed the XML form which is associated with Salesforce APEX environment with angular directive markup, I tested the value detects from user’s subscriber request. So I guess the marketing cloud is very customised and personalized environment for all the marketing activities.

For mapping all essential user data dynamically injected to the EDM and Landing page,  Marketing cloud recommends highly to use AMPscript. (well they also say developer can use server js but they don’t provide any document or tutorial based on the task stories)

It seems like they’ve done a great job of documenting. Their document is quite explaining that how a developer can code AMPscript based on the task stories. So it won’t just kick you off to the limbo of unfinished learning curves. (I hate the high learning curves when I jump to the new products or new task frameworks)




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